The History of Gateway to Art

In the spring of 1991, several Westchester Lutheran moms (Bonnie Sadrpour, Elayna Payne, Danine Stensby and Dawn Peerson) saw the Young At Art year-end art show at Manhattan Village mall. When they read the program's press release, they realized they had been searching for a way to enhance the art education of children in their private school. They recognized that this type of program could work in the Westchster community as well.

Westchester Lutheran School contacted Young at Art (YAA) to inquire if they could join the program. YAA invited them to join their program with the understanding that they would assist in creating a similar program for our community. At that time, unknown to Westchester Lutheran, other Westchester private schools began inquiring how they might join as well. YAA encouraged this group to incubate within the YAA program for one more year so that they could organize a new group.

During the 1993-94 school year, Gateway To Art was incorporated with Escuela de Montessori, St. Anastasia School, St. Jerome School, Visitation School and Westchester Lutheran School as founding members. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our founding directors a name was chosen, by-laws were written, articles of incorporation were created, a logo was designed, job descriptions and responsibilities were finalized and a financial plan and budget were established. The Design Committee concept was established as a way to select the annual projects.

The founding board member were: Executive Director, Bonnie Sadrpour; Vice Chair, Dawn Peerson; Secretary and Treasurer Joan Worden; Design Director, Kathleen Guerra. Other original board members included Elayna Payne, Gina Bellous, Dona Rawson, Trina Smith, Danine Stensby and Estelle Harris.

Gateway to Art is a non-proft organization that depends upon the financial support of each of our member schools and other generous benefactors. Gateway to Art holds monthly board meeting during the school year and records the meeting with minutes according to Roberts Rules of Order. It is incroporated within the State of California as a non=-profit and keeps regular financial records all which can be reviewed upon request. Gateay To Art holds elections each year within it's organization and has by-laws which are kept recorded by the board secretary.