Abstract Reflections Boom!For Real Owls
Valendine Catalina Impressionistic
Students will paint create a painting inspired by Stephen Pentak's river and broad water paintings using squeegees as a tool to paint a landscape picture and water-soluble painting inks.
Students will paint impages and incorporate words in their paintings using acrylic paints, oil pastels, black pencils, ballpoint pens, gel pens and spray paints.
Inspired by the beautiful paintings of birds by John James Audubon, the students will draw owls using sticks of charcoal.
Students will be introduced to American Pop artist, Jime Dine who created the "Heart" series. They will learn shading thechniques of cross hatching and stippling using markers on wet media transparency.
Students will spread charcoal powder over their entire paper and will draw the seascape by using an eraser to take away the charcoal.
The students will explore the art of Impressionism using acrylic paint as the medium and Monet's "Sunset on the Thames" as the motivation for this project.